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The specialist for south and Narth Asia, Australia,
New Zoeland and Bali.
Travel to exciting New Zoeland Hurry !
Book Now ! limited seats only.
Travel Highlights
·         Visit a native maori village and obsene their uniqve traditional dancer and customs.
·         Stay at feaceful sheep and dairy farms.
·         Ski on mount cook, the highest peak in New Zoeland
·         Asian Meal provided
·         Five star accomodation
All flghts on Air New Zoeland
Departing 10 dec, 16 dec, and 22 dec.
Price $ 2500       (adults)                                $ 1800   (children below 12)
          $ 2200        (adults)                                $ 1600   (children below 12)
Book now to avoid holiday crowd !
1.       According now to the text,what is excluded from the travel ?
a.       Flowers garden                                d. skiing
b.      Sheep farms                                     e. Dairy farms
c.       Maori dances

2.       What is being promoted in the package ?
a.       Tours to NZ                                        d. Tours to australia
b.      Tours to north asia                         e. Tours to bali
c.       Tours to south asia

YONKERS Nov 12th , A four alarm fire damaged 14 stores today in the cross country shopping center in westchester country .
Two fire investigators said the blaze apparently started in a pile cardboard cartons at the rear of shoe store and spread through a utilities duct above 13 other stores.The fire started at 04.40 P.M and was declared under control at 06.14 P.M the center is one of cross country fark way at the GOV . Thomas E Dewey Thruway .
Five fire fighters were busy at the scene Lieut Jhon Carey of the yonkers Arson Squad said the cause of the fire was under investigation .

3.       The text mainly tell us about .....
a.       The yonkers Arson squad                            d. A shopping center in the cross country
b.      The blaze at a shoe store                             e. The largest shopping center in westchester
c.       A fire in the shopping center                         country

4.       The fire has lasted about ....
a.       Hald and hour                                   d. One and a half our
b.      45 minutes                                         e. Two hours
c.       One our

5.       How many investigators and fire fighter were involved in the scene ?
a.       Two                                                                      d. Thirteen
b.      Seven                                                                  e. fourteen
c.       Twelve

Sunwel Beach Residence ketewel-Bali prime property-prime location-prime investment.
Only 5 minutes away from sanur,direcly the beach.
All apartmen with the view to the sea,full hotel a minutes ,large pools,spa,fitness sauna and steam,parking restaurant.For compleate information,please visit our website.
Where                 : hotel mulia senayan , jakarta (leatric room)
When   : 15th & 16th of january 2010 (15.00-21.00)
For reservation : PT.umadamai phone : +62 361 759 958 or email for every purchase prior to 31.01.2010 we will invite 503 buyer for the ground breaking-caremony-flight from jakarta to Bali and a night in a luxury villa free.

6.       The text tell us about ...
a.       Sunwell beach residence ketwel                              d. Hotel mulia senayan
b.      Bali’s apartmant development                                  e. Prime property
c.       A dream becomes reality

7.       Which of the followig is not found in the advertisement ?
a.       Large pools                                                                        d. Fitness  
b.      Restaurant                                                                         e. Spa
c.       Website

Spaniesh thief saw himself as Robin hood like bandit
Madrid (reutres)-spain’s most wanted theif.”the loner”,saw and side he robbend banks only because they stole money from the public . His lawyer said Thursday.
Accused of killing three policemen and halding up more than30 banks jaime-jaimenez arbe was planning to move on to insurance compalies when he was arrested last month,spanish media reported cifing lawyers jost mariano Trillo-figuera.
I am nt a killer and if I was obiged to shoot t officers of the law,it was always againts my will and in order to avoid being arrested,gimenez said in letter reproduced on .the websites of newspaper     El mudo Trino Figurea said jimenez,who rebbed the bank disguised in a false beard & wig thank of himself of curo jimenez,a spanish 1970 S televition bandit in the style of robin hood.
The loner was arrested uin portugal,armed with a submachine gun in preparation for another bank robbery-reuthers.
8.       What is text about ?
a.       The website of newspaper el pais and el mundo
b.      Spanish media reporter , jose mariano trillion figueroa
c.       The arresting of spain’s must wanted theif in portugal
d.      A submachine gun in preparation for another bank robbery
e.      A spanish 1970 s televisions bandit in the style of robin hood

9.       Before arrested jame jimenes arbe ... spain
a.       Had just robbed policemen  
b.      Had robed 30 banks
c.       Would have killed three officers of the law
d.      Had robbed insurance companies
e.      Had been working for companies

10.   The reason why ‘’the loner’’ robbed banks in because ..
a.       His lawyer  helped him
b.      He was the most wanted thelf in spain
c.       He was becaused of killing three policemen
d.      He berived that the banks store money from the public
e.      He saw him self as a robbin hood style figure

11.   ‘’trillo – figueroa said jimenez , who robbed the banks disgused in a false beard and a wig ‘’... ‘’ (paragraph 3) the underline word means ..
a.       Change appearance
b.      Reduce comfidence
c.       Damaged repulation
d.      Exposed to view
e.      Made know

We are japanese indonesia joint venture . company ,leader of automototive component maker is looking for highly motivated individual to fill in the following position
 Finance staff
Regurements ; # male /female
                              # a degree graduated majoring in economics
                              # a fluency in english
                              # familiar with ms. Office
Please send your complite application not more than february 17th 2012
MM 2100 industrial town block j-12-14-15
Kelapa gading jakarta

12.   What kind of work will a new employee deal with ?
a.       Automotive compenent
b.      Personal management
c.       Economic
d.      Money mather
e.      Ms.office

13.   What is one of the reguirement must be ful filled by the applicant ?
a.       English mastery
b.      Computer iliteracy
c.       Financial adeguacy
d.      A university lectuer
e.      A reputble university graduate


EM. 4 is a mixture of micro organisms that gives the benefit forcattle growth and product
Usage ; 1. Decrease smell polution
                 2.balance mutual organisms
               3. increase quality and quantity of cattle product
How to use ; 1. To get satisfying results , dissolve 1cc EM –A perliter water everyday
                     ; 2. Spary 1 cc .EM perliter of water every week on the floor. Wall and manure
Agent ; PT.songgolangit persada jakarta
Distributor ; jl .Kl Hajar dewantara 46 jakarta (021) 7894529

14.   This text tell us about
a.       Organisms
b.      Fermentation
c.       Cattle prouct
d.      Contact address
e.      The use of em.4

15.   One of the benefit of the product is......
a.    for growing cattle bacteria
b.    for increasing smell pollution
c.    for producing cattle manure and organic fermentation bendera
d.    for inreasing micro organisme
e.    for inreasing quality and quantily of cattle product

16.   What will you do to get satisfying result?
a.dissolve 1cc em.4 per liter of water every days
b. dissolve 4cc em.4 per liter of water every week
c. dissolve 1cc em.4 per liter of water every week
d. dissolve 1cc em.4 per liter of water Friday
e. dissolve 1cc em.4 per liter of water everyday

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