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contoh soal Refort and descriptive text

Read the text and answer the questions !
Text 1 (soal no 1 sd 4)
Although gorillas look ferocious, they are really rather quiet apes. They live in family groups in the thickests part on the jungles.
                A gorilla’s feet, hands, and wrinkled face are bare and black his fur may be short or long, depending on where he lives.
                The short-haired gorilla lives in the not, damp, tropical forests of western afrika, and the long-hairedgorilla lives in the cooler air in the high mouuntains of central Afrika.
                A gorilla’s arms are so long,they almost touch the ground, even when he is standing up !
                Some wild mountain gorilla’s weigh  as much,as you, your father, and your mother and baby gorilla’s sleep in the big next of stick and leaves on the ground, or in the lower branches of trees, where they are safer from prowling animals
1.       The text mainly tells about …
a.       Father gorilla                                              d. Gorillas in brief
b.      A gorilla’s life                                             e. The origin of gorilla
c.       Kinds of gorilla

2.       The… of the gorillas affects the length of the gorilla’s fur
a.       Size                                                                                d. weight
b.      Food                                                              e. habitat
c.       Habit

3.       The following parts a gorilla are not covered by the fur EXCEPT …
a.       The chin                                                       d. The feet
b.      The nose                                                     e. The hands
c.       The arms

4.       “Although gorillas look ferocious they are really rather quite apes”.
(paragraph 1). What does the underlined word man ?
a.       Rude                                                             d. Strong
b.      Crule                                                             e. Clumsy
c.       Rough

Text 2(soal no 5sd8)

        Although jaguar does not live in asia, it is famous, there because there is a cat named after the animal it can be stated in some paints.
        The jaguar belongs to the at family. It is one of the four big (roaring) cats long with the lion, the tiger and te leopard.
Because it has sports a jaguar is aften mistaken for a leopard. However, a jaguar has larger rossete marking’s a stronger body and a shorted tail the jaguar is brownish yellow in colour and has sports sports on the head.
        Jaguar livein a variety of locations. The rain forest and wet grasslands of central and sout America from the habitat of jaguar.
        The jaguar is an excellent hunter whie the order three roaring cats kill their. Prey by biting it at the neck, the jaguar kill its prey by it trough its skull it usually kils small animals for fead but can attack and kill cattle or dear

5.       What is maining discussed in the text !
a.       The differences between jaguar and other animals
b.      The way jaguar kills its prey in the jaguar
c.       Explanation of the shape, the ability and the excellence of the jaguar
d.      Information on the characteristics, habitat, and live of the jaguar
e.      The comparison between the jaguar and other roaring animals

6.       The jaguar kills its prey by biting it trough its …
a.       Head                                                             d. Legs
b.      Neck                                                              e. Tail
c.       Nail

7.       The purpose of the text is to ….
a.       Tell the life of jaguar
b.      Describe a jaguar in brief
c.       Explanation how a jaguar attacks its prey
d.      Entertain readers about the story of jaguar
e.      Inform readers about the life of roaring animals

8.       Which of the following is the characteristics of the jaguar ?
a.       It has spots on its body
b.      It belongs to tame animals
c.       It is founds in Asia
d.      It has smller rossete mrkings
e.      It kills its prey by biting trough is neck

Text 3( soal no 9 sd 11 )

        Birds belong to a class of warm blooded vertebrate animals with feather covered  bodies. Next to the mammals. Birds are the most important group of land. Living vartebrates.
All birds have featers, although in some types, party culaity those that camot fly, the normal structure of the feathers may be much modified and be downy, wooly, or strow like. The forelimb of the birds are modified into wings. The bony part of thectail, except in the curliest fossils birds. Is very short, and the visible tail is composed of feathers only. The teeth are absent except in some forms. As in mammals-the only other group of warm-blooded animal the aruculation is highly perfected so that there is no mixing of arterial an venous blood, but the arrangement of veins and arteries by wich this is accomplished, is different in the two groups. Birds have been ken hearing, although they have no external eultures and other birds.
9.       The passage is about the …of birds
a.       Species                                                                         d. Cllasification
b.      Definitionsin                                                              e. Characteristic
c.       Clarification

10.   From the text wecan condude that bothd birds and mamals have…
a.       Back bones
b.      Keen sights
c.       Keen hearing
d.      Downy feathers
e.      Weak sense of smell

11.   Which of the following is not possessed by birds ?
a.       Fathers                                                         d. Tails
b.      Wings                                                            e. Ears
c.       Tefh

Text 4 (soal no 12-14)
Wakatobi is the name of on archi plago and regency in sulawesi tenggara, Indonesia. The name wakatobi is derived from the names of the main islands, of the archipelago, wangi wangi, kaledupa, tomea, and binongko. The group is part of a larger group called the tulang besi island.
        The archipelago, locatedin the biodiverse hotspot known as wallcea it is part of the wakatobi national port. Wakatobi as one of the world’s marine tourism object is now preparing it self and ready to welcome you and your family with hospitality and its particular witure. The wakatobi is also have to operation wallacea, a uk based, nonprofik conservation group looking at sustainable development of fisheries, and cora reef research. An independent non comericial website hasbeen seet up about the marine park. This website contains tourist and trevel information in wakatobi, including the biodever city. Conservation and local people.
        Wakatobi is also situaded geographically at the words reef triangle center with its 942 fish species and 750 coral reef species from a total of 850 word’s collections companing to the world’s famous diving conters of the carribbean sea that owes only 50 species and other 300 coral reef species in the red sea.

12.   What is the text about ?
a.       Wakatobi as a tourist spot
b.      Wakatobi as a research spot
c.       Wakatobi as a ishing center
d.      Wkatobi as conservation center
e.      Wkatobi as a regency

13.   Wakatobi is a larger of island called ....
a.       Wangi wangi                                                              d. Birongko
b.      Kaledipa                                                                       e. Tukang besi
c.       Tomea

14.   What is the operaotion of waliacea ?
a.       Non-profit cnservation group looking at sustainabledevelopment of isheries and coral reef research
b.      The additional sovreas about the bioditional, conservation and local people
c.       Tourist and travel information about the wakatobi
d.      It is part of the wakatobi national park
e.      The word’s marine tourism objects

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