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A.      Dear Mr.Anwar

We regret to imform you that are unable to lend you the sum of $500 that you have requested , but it is possible to grant you part of the sum .

If you are still interested , please contact our main office to arrange an appointment with the assistant manager . He will be happy to discuss the master fact .

Your sinerely
(lending officer)                  

1.       Instead of a loan of $500 , what alternative is offered by the officer ?
A.      An appointment to discuss the offer
B.      A cash of $500
C.      An appointment with the lending officer
D.      A loan of less than $500
E.       An appointment with the assistant manager

B.      Dear Nan,

We are having a wonderful holiday here in Goald Coast yesterday we great as went to movie world .
When we got up in the morning it looked like rain.After a while the clouds.dissappeared and it became a sunny day.We than desided to go to movie went .
Firt I went to lethal weapon.Next I saw the police academy show after that I had lunch as I was really hungry.Meanwhile mom & Kelly queved for the Batman ride.
It rained about lunch time but soon it was fine again.We really enjoyed our holiday.


2.       The text mainly tell us about
A.      A sunny day
B.      Goald coast
C.      Batman ride
D.      Sam’s letter
E.       Sam’s holiday

3.       Which of the following was not visited by sam ?
A.      Goald coast
B.      Batman ride
C.      Movie world
D.      Leyhal weapon
E.       Police academy show

4.       Whice of the following is not true about sam ?
A.      He went holliday with his mom and Kelly
B.      He had on upleasant holiday
C.      He went to the Goald Coast
D.      He enjoyed his holiday
E.       He was Nan’s friend

C.      8th january 2012
Tarakan Company Inc.
14 Jambu street,East Kalimantan

Dear Fahri,
You enthusiasm and your ability to mutivate your employee has resulted in a significant increase productivity.

If we had an aaward to give,you would be the prime candidate.

5.       The letter is about ….
A.      Motivating an employee
B.      The increasing productivity
C.      The success  of the compang
D.      An apprecration of an employee
E.       Erousing Ahmad enthusiasm

6.       What makes the increasing producyivity & profitability of the company ?
A.      The employee’s ability
B.      Fahhri Ahmad enthusiasm
C.      Motivation of the employee
D.      An award promised by the company
E.       Fahri Ahmad’s ability & enthusiasm


A.      Announcement to all staf
It’s that time of year again.As you all know,lebaran day is our busiest season of the yearevery ye ar is a struggle for management & supervisors to fine the time an energy to organize a staff Halal Bin Halal .This year,we have decided to postpone Halal Bin Halal  until after our busy season.
Halal Bin Halal :
·         Date                   : Second of third Saturday in January
·         Theme               : ketupat lebaran
·         Food                   : carribbean
·         Special events : Pengajian & siraman rohani
We apologize that the event will have to wait until the new year,anymore interested to help out the event is encaureged to call lucy.lucy’s phone number is 222-3098.please contact lucy outside business hour regrating this matter.

Thank you !

7.       When will the event be held ?
A.      In the busiest time of the year
B.      In January
C.      In December
D.      Before lebaran day
E.       In lebaran day

8.       …. We have to postpone the Halal Bin Halal , …
The underline word is closest in meaning to
A.      To share
B.      To spare
C.      To move
D.      To delay
E.       To create
B.      announcement
School tripto Golden Sands Beach

On 28th of august,there will be a school tripto Golden Sands Beach
Defacture                          : 07.00 a.m
Programs                           : swimming games,volleyball,and lunch at the sea vie restaurant.
Afternoon : walk along the beach to the lagoon and watch the boat festival.
Fee                                                      : Rp 50.000,00
Contact person               : Vita,Zaskia

Chair Person
Anne Saragih

9.       what is the announcement about ?
A.      a boat festival
B.      a sea view restaurant
C.      the golden sands beach
D.      a schedule of a school trip
E.       a lagoon an the golden sand beach

10.   this announcement is moetly addresed to …
A.      Visitors
B.      Tourist
C.      Student
D.      Travelers
E.       Sight seers

C.      Announcement
A class Metting be coming soon

So prepare your selves from now on !
Some competitions have been arranged for you who are keen in sports,such as football,volleyball,basketball and badminton.You can also show your skill and talent in speech and singing contest as well as cokking & painting competitions .
Remember       : all classes should participate in each event many prizes are waiting for all the winners.
For further information,please contact you captain or the comitee in the IPM

11.   The announcement is mainly about …
A.      Sport competitions
B.      Talent competitions
C.      A class meting
D.      Prizes for the competitions
E.       The competitions for student

12.   What kindof competitions requires a good speaking kill ?
A.      A cooking competitions
B.      A singing contest
C.      A volleyball competitions
D.      A speech contest
E.       A painting competitions

13.   The following word “keen” having the most similar meaning to …
A.      dislike
B.      hate
C.      fond of
D.      object to
E.       discontent

14.   the following statements are not true , except ….
A.      A class meeting has been conducted
B.      Only a few classes are invited
C.      No reward available to winers
D.      Singing is sparated from the contest
E.       Registration with class csptsin & IPM

a.     Message/memo

To : Mr.Hardi
Could you please check my computer ? I think it has a virus . I’m afraid it will damage my file.
Thak you

1.       What is the purpose of the  text ?
a.       To give imformation                                       d. to asknfor services    
b.      To ask for imformtion                                    e. to give services
c.       To order something

2.       Who wrote the memo ?
a.       Mr.indra                                                              d. Mr.hardi
b.      The secretary                                                    e. the receptionist
c.       The computer tedhnician

3.       “ I’m afraid it will damage my file “nthe underline word refers to …
a.       The computer                                   d. Mr. hardi’s computer
b.      A virus                                                  e. Mr.indar’s computer
c.       The file

While you were out
Date                      : 7 october
To                           : Mr.chandra                     
From                     : Mr.smith
Message              : The meeting is on  Friday 10 october at 02.30 P.M

                                                                                        4. What is the message about  ?
                                                                                        a. while you were out
b.  the meeting is on Friday 10    october at 02.30 p.m
c. the message is from Mr.chandra
d. the message is from Mr.smith
e. the message is for Ms.tanti

5.       Who wrote the memo ?
a.       Mr.Chandra                                        d. the receptionst
b.       Mr.Smith                                            e. Mr.Smith assistant
c.       Ms.tanti

Dear billy
I will work over to night . so I can’t company you to go out. Just go with your friend but don’t be too late to home we will arrange it sometime !

6.       The memo tell that
a.       Billy want’s to go out with his friend
b.      His father allows him to go out
c.       This father will work out
d.      His father ask him not to be late
e.      His father rearrange their plan

7.       we will rearrange it sometime “ the underlined sentence means that his father will …
a.       Work over again                                              
b.      Accompany him to go out
c.       Find a friend to accompany him
d.      Arrange the time in order not to be late at home
e.      Find another time to go out with him

b.     Advertisement

Orchid Hotel
·         106 ocean drive
·         Enjoy the privacy of a small family . style hotel
·         Only 15 minutes from the airfort & right next to the beach
·         Only 40 rooms ( TV, AC, Bath)
·         Outdoor restaurant beside the pool, room from Rp 240.000,00 , Rp 550.000,00
·         Phone : 985.-3344

8.       The brochure is about…..
a.       Outdoor restaurant                        d. orchid hotel and it’s facilities
b.       The hotel’s location                       e. the facilities offered by the hotel.
c.       The list price of the room

9.       It is called “a small family style” hotel because….
a.       Is not expensive                               d. provider outdoor restaurant
b.       Is near the city                                 e. has only a small number of rooms
c.       Is located near the beach

10.   “only is minutes from the airport and right next to the beach. The underline word is similar is meaning to…
a.       Correctly                            d. factually
b.       Pretisely                             e. perfectly
c.       Certainly                                            

30% OFF
Only frame & sunglasses
Palembang square Mall
2nd floor no 18 (0711) 378873

11.The text is best in form of…..
a.       Banner                                 d. poster
b.       Card                                      e. memo
c.        invoice
12.What is LILI MASOEM?
a. Palembang square mall’sowner      
b. A woman who sells sunglasses
c. Someone who buys sunglasses
d. a woman who sells a glasses
e. the name of an optic shop

13.   Who will mostly come to LILI MASOEM?
a.       Someone who need a new glasses          
b.       Lili masoem’s family
c.       No body will come there
d.       Palembang square visitor
e.       Someone who doesn’t needs glasses

14.    Which of the following is not true according to the text above?
a.       lili masoem sells glasses
b.       lili masoem is in Palembang mall
c.       lili masoem has a special discount program
d.       the discount is 30% for the whole year
e.       you can contact it at 0711. 378873

15.   Suppose you will buy a pair of sunglasses at LILI MASOEM. The price is Rp 250.000,00. How much you should pay?
a.       Rp 250.000,-                      d. Rp 275.000,-
b.       Rp 75.000,-                        e. Rp 30.000,-
c.       Rp 175.000,-

16.   You will also buy a tube of glasses deaner. The price is Rp 10.000,00. How much you should pay?
a.       Rp 3000,-                            d. Rp 17.000,-
b.       Rp 10.000,-                        e. Rp 7.500,-
c.       Rp 7000,-


Japanese seeking business opportunities

Palembang , south sumatera : a japanese law maker and two business me met with the Palembang govermant officials on Sunday night in hopes of exploring investment opportunities in the city .
  The law maker in questions was senator from fujumi city, ishikawa shinichiro and the two business men were . shinbori noaki and Suzuki yushiro .
Responding to a statement by his guests, Palembang mayor eddy Santana putra told them that some investment opportunities in the city included the hotel and restaurant sector, palm oil and rubber plantations as well as mining .

17.   What does the news tell us about ?
a.       Japanese people                              
b.       Business meeting in Palembang
c.       Japanese business
d.       Rubber plantation
e.       Business development in Palembang

18.   Has the investment been made by the Japanese in Palembang ?
a.       Yes, it has                                            d. no,it hasn’t
b.       It was not sure                                 e. it’s deniable
c.       It was not true

19.    What is the name of the law maker from japan ?
a.       Mr. fujimi                                           d. Mr. ishikawa shinhiro
b.       Mr. shinbori noaki                          e. Mr . eddy santana putra          
c.       Mr. Suzuki yushiro

20.   How many people did attend the business meeting to talk about the investment opportunities in Palembang
a.       3 people                                              d. a lot of people
b.       4 people                                              e. more then 4 people
c.       2 people                             

21.   What type of the text is the passage about ?
a.          Narrative                          d. procedure
b.          News item                       
c.          e. recount
d.          Descriptive

Kompas Monday’s tsunami along the southern coast of  java has caused devastating lasses that are still being counted. Traumatized survivors, many camped out in the hills far from the line, are living in the fear that another earthquake would trigger another ware of destruction .
The earthquake which triggered a tsunami wiped out the beach resorts and fishing village along the southern coast of java. The meteorology and geographics agency ( BMG ) said that the wenesday’s earthquake masured 6.2 on the richter scale. Its epicenter was 48 km bellow the sea level .
BMG official, weni, said the areas on the west coast of java banten, as well those in the south coast  of lampung were are risk of being hit by a tsunami. However , the possibility of a tsunami was quickly discounted by other agencies .
22.   The new is about ?
a.       The victims of a tsunami
b.       The possible risks of tsunami’s in banten and lampung
c.       The tsunami in south-westren part of Indonesia
d.       The disaster caused by the tsunami in the southern coast of java
e.       The tsunami survivors in java

23.   Who was the source of the news ?
a.       Agencies                                                              d. Geografihics agency
b.       Traumatized survivors                                e. Richther
c.       BMG officials, weni

24.   Where the tsunami happen ?
a.       Banten
b.       Jakarta
c.       In the southern coast of java
d.       In the south coast of lampung
e.       In the west coast of west java

25.   Monday’s tsunami along the southern coast of java has caused devastating glasses .. the underlined word may be replaced by ..
a.       Stressful                                                              d. Harming
b.       Injuring                                                               e. Fearful
c.       Destructive

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